Tuesday, 12 July 2011


We met with the next door neighbour this evening who we've bought the land from. This was the first visit to the plot since we bought it that the weather hasn't been lovely, the wind was whipping round giving us a taste of winters to come but hopefully we'll be nice & toastie inside our new home with underfloor heating & a wood burning stove!
We came to an agreement to put a curve in the fence so that the planted area will still be incorporated in her garden & Will's going to help make a small wall from sleepers on her side to hold back the soil as she wants to dig down to put in a shed. We're benefiting from some really nice planting that she'd done while they used the land as an extension to their garden so we're very lucky. She introduced us to another neighbour who was lovely too which makes me very glad as when our plot's a building site we're going to need people around who are understanding & that we can talk to.
Will's heavily investigating fencing now as fencing can be pretty awful & we're keen to erect something that'll be kind on the eye, maybe quite modern looking & that's not going to fall down when the North winds blow!

This is the kind of thing we're thinking of, horizontal timbers with small gaps between to allow the wind get through.
A few phone calls to be made now to Timber merchants.....

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