Friday, 21 February 2014

February 14th Photos

There's been a little more plastering, a few more windows gone in but it still feels slow. We are still waiting on the biggest bit of the glazing which is the sliding doors at the end of the dining room and the two huge windows which are the same size in the master bedroom which will open up to expose the views and also expose us should anyone in the houses below care to look up! We've been told that these should both be in by the first week in March so patience patience.....

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

More internal shots from January

The mess that is our house right now

Makeshift staircase & first layer of plaster

Spooky windowless kitchen/dining room

Plastering buckets in my kitchen

Looking up to part built mezzanine

Will's wonky picture makes our bedroom look like a tent - plastered note

Our lovely curve on staircase in spare bedroom <3

Strange angles in the spare bedroom

Slice of light over our roof

January Progress

Well, January 2014 is upon us and we should've had our first Christmas in our new house but it was not to be .... so, the roof is pretty much finished although the garage is yet to be built as we needed to keep the space available for access, and the plasterers are in. Here's a few pics of what's going on inside.