Friday, 8 July 2011

Meeting with the Architect

At last, our first proper meeting with the architect where we're not standing around on the plot!
As you can imaging Will & I have talked of little else but the house since we bought the plot but until we got together with Keith we really didn't know what would be possible. The brilliant thing about architects is that they know all the things us lesser mortals don't know about what the planners will let you do. He talked a lot about the boundaries, the street views, other properties in the road, the lie of the land, direction of the sun, roof heights etc.  I think he knew that it was important for us to understand a lot of this stuff, some of it seems incredibly strict but it mostly makes sense.
We talked through what we would like from the house & what would be possible within our budget & with the aid of pictures I'd taken from magazines & the internet we seemed to all be going the same direction with the design.
We're aiming for an open plan feel with split levels because of the slope & making the most of the light & views with plenty of glazing and hopefully a nice flowing feel to the house with some interesting lines. We'd like a white render exterior & a slate roof & I've been lusting after some beautifully modern front doors from Urban Front or Kloeber but we'll have to see how our budget goes!

How gorgeous is that!

We now have to get searches from the utility companies & hopefully prices for connecting though we can't get those accurately until we have our plans.  Keith is going to start sketching some designs & the plan is to get together again in a week or two to have a look at the designs and work from there.

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