Monday, 11 July 2011


Will took it on himself to contact all the service providers and highways today to make the first steps towards getting us connected.  Oh my, the amount of forms he's brought home to fill in!
The best bit of all is that Southern Water are going to charge us £350 for a quote to tell us what it's going to cost us to get connected!!! How bizarre, but of course they can do whatever they like..... so a cheque will be going off to them so that they can take 20 days to tell us how much it'll cost to get connected & then once we've paid it'll be another 5 weeks before they actually can connect us!

Tomorrow we're meeting with the next door neighbour to finalise where we are going to put the fence. She has a planted area which is on our side of the boundary so we're going to have to be diplomatic & try to resolve it so that we're all happy, then we can go ahead & get the fence panels ordered.  Long term we hope to hide the fence with planting but putting it in was one of the conditions of sale. Fingers crossed that it'll go well tomorrow.

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