Sunday, 3 July 2011

Land is officially ours!

This friday the deeds to the land passed to us, a great feeling! No turning back now!

Saturday was a lovely sunny day so Will & I took our hedge trimmers, loppers, spades etc & went down to our land to start clearing. It was a good feeling to actually be able to do something. We trimmed the hedge adjacent to the pavement so as to please the neighbours & Will reached as high as he could from the step ladder to cut off any branches of sycamore that were hanging over the boundary.

Will cut back all the bushes to expose the boundary on the west side where we have to put up a fence while I dug about in search of the surface water manhole cover which we had to find as it's crucial to the placing of the house on the site as we have to build 3 meters away from it. My detective skills, I have to say, were brilliant & I found it quickly without much digging or huffing & puffing! Very pleased as, although we'd seen it on the site plan, you can never be sure how accurate it is.


We're very lucky as our site comes with a shed. This was hidden by an overgrown buddleia but, as you can see in the picture, we've exposed it & now have somewhere to store our tools & deckchairs (Well, nothing else to put there yet!)
Willy's done most of the work but I'm taking a rest & enjoying the view


  1. Hi Alison and Will
    Looks a nice site and what great views of the sea, I am very envious as we are land locked. Good Lick with your build and if I can help in any way please ask.

  2. oops!! should have been 'Luck' sticky fingers!

  3. Thank you very much- We love our views!
    We will be sure to get in touch.