Friday, 17 May 2013

Steels Go In

Here comes the start of the heavy engineering bit of the structure, all this extremely expensive steel work is to stop our house from ever being blown away in the event of a hurricane or even a tsunami. Of course all the other houses around that have stood for many many years without steel reinforcements will be blown/washed away and we'll be laughing and going nowhere!

This steel cross is on a diagonal wall that faces North East running up one corner of the dining area and master bedroom and is adjacent to the 3 meter wide windows. We would have liked a long slim window in here to mirror the one in the kitchen and to catch the morning rays but were told it wasn't possible by the architect because of the reinforcement - we're kicking ourselves now for not pushing this one as there definitely would've been a way around it and it would've been so nice - so instead we're just going to have to fill the space with some piece fabby piece of art...any offers?

In the foreground are the steels that will form the little bridge from the landing to Ruby's room

A detail for those interested. 

I love this picture below, these 2 birds were there the whole time I was visiting the site - it's like they thought we'd build the frame especially for them..."we love it up here, such great views... tweet tweet"

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