Thursday, 16 May 2013

Catch Up 1 - Photos

Am obviously very bad at this blog lark! Trouble is we have had lulls in the build for several reasons - weather - problems with details from structural engineer etc - and then I get fed up and don't want to write about it and by the time we're back on building I've almost forgotten that I'd decided to do this blog.
Right now I've been encouraged on by a very kind lady, Nadia, who has featured this blog on her website in a list of 'Top 5 Inspirational Build Blogs' . She has accurately described my blog as 'sporadic' but that is no excuse not to continue!

So.... the last images in March were after the all the ground works were completed. Next the walls were built to damp proof course level and a membrane laid and covered with sand (next door's cat found this to be a fine place to dump over the next few days until the floor was laid - there'll probably be fossilised cat faeces under the house in years to come)

Me in the dining room dog in the garden

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