Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stairs, windows and mmmm.... heating

Lots going on now, we're just waiting on the large sliding glass doors, front door and back glazed door to complete the glazing. The massive windows in our bedroom are now in - amazing!!
Plastering inside is nearly complete with the painter following on behind and last week all the stair cases went in making moving around the house soooo much easier. Here's Ruby sitting on the stairs to her mezzanine sleeping area looking decidedly more interested in her phone than anything else!
Apparently I'm to paint the risers in ombre greens :-D Here's the stairs in the spare bedroom -
- the main staircase is in oak so it's now covered to protect it. The plumbers have been busy and got the underfloor heating fired up over the weekend - what joy it was to see the plumes of vapour and feel the warmth permeate the house..


  1. It is looking great - can't wait to see more!

  2. The project looks great so far folks, what kind of glazing did you decide to go with ?