Monday, 31 December 2012

The Start of an exciting New Year Ahead

I can't say that I'll be sorry to say goodbye to 2012 with all the stresses of planning the build from the initial work with the architect through planning permission to choosing a builder and raising the funds (though some of it's been fun) but I'm very excited about the New Year to come!!

As you can see from the photo we have the small beginnings of the walls so we can only go upwards from here.... We'll be in our new home for 2013!! WHOHOO!!


  1. Good to see you're making progress :-)

    By the looks of it, you've probably spent more money already than we spent in total! :-D

  2. It's shocking how much we've sunk in to the ground!!! So many lovely things we could've spent that money on inside the house which we could've looked at and thought "Ooh that's lovely!" ...never mind, when those one in a million year storms and floods come our house will still be standing strong :)