Thursday, 3 May 2012


I know I've been very bad at keeping up this blog but this last few months have been very tedious....
We had the joy of getting our planning permission passed in January & I naively thought "hey hey here we go"!!! How wrong I was!

It would appear that we need numerous weeks for every kind of report to be done from surface rainwater run off through thermal calculations to our inside leg measurement before we can go anywhere with this thing. So, to start, we had a 8 hour meeting with our architect, yes 8 whole hours with no food and no break. My head was banging by the time I went home!! Friends have asked me, 'what did you talk about?'  and I have to say it's a very difficult question to answer but the honest answer is, every little detail of the build. We probably did an hour on drains..... (I found my mind wandering at this point), they want to know what taps we want, what precise tile we want in the bathroom & so on. This seems far too early to make decisions when all we have is a plot of earth with a shed on it but we're told they need to know all this to prepare the tender documents for the builders. I think my beloved did a good 30 minutes on how he wants the skirting boards to be....(head banging against the  

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