Thursday, 23 February 2012

Catching up....Preliminary Sketches

Am realising it's a very long time since my last post so a little catching up is needed!
A lot has happened but very very slowly....frustrating as we just want to get started. The best day was going back to the architect after leaving him with our brief for some weeks. He produced a very simply drawn plan of his idea but, although simple, he had to talk us through it as it had curved walls, split levels etc so not easy to interpret to the untrained eye!
These are the sketches he showed us;

Front & East ElevationsCross Sections
Plan of ground Floor

Basically he's gone for a boat shape (due to Will having spent his whole working life with boats of  all different shapes and sizes).  When you look down on the plan you can see the curved walls like a hull.

There is a double height hall open to the roof with a glazed metre wide strip that runs over the whole of the house from North to South which should bring in lots of light and warmth from the sun, or "solar gain" as they say in the trade! There is a cloakroom and Utility Room on the same level and a short flight of steps down to living areas and another up to the mezzanine landing.

The living room is off to the left with 2 floor to ceiling windows looking towards the sea and the kitchen to the right. We had made a big thing about the importance of a good sized kitchen & dining area to us and this space should be wonderful. There are 2 steps down to the dining area with a waist height wall dividing the 2 spaces and nearly all the end wall is glass out to the garden and view.

The first floor has a mezzanine landing and a floating bridge across the void to Ruby's room. There are 3 bedrooms each with an ensuite and all interesting in their shape & glazing.

Finally there's a single garage the roof of which extends to the spare bedroom creating a covered outside area.


  1. Looks a great design, something from Grand Designs perhaps. Hope its not to expensive


    1. We're assured by our architect that it's a very straight forward build -hmm... curved walls, lots of glazing - I'm not yet convinced...... we'll see when the builders tenders come in!!

  2. Like the blog design, looks very professional

    1. Thanks Stuart, my 13 year old daughter took it upon herself to help me!